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Our Work - Education 1
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Quality Christian Education
by Sekolah Lentera Harapan

Yayasan Pendidikan Harapan Papua strives to deliver quality education to the most remote areas of Papua. We aim to educate the whole person; academically, socially, physically, spiritually, preparing the student in all dimensions for life and work. Students also learn to read and write both in their local dialect and in Bahasa Indonesia, reminding them of their identity and responsibility as Indonesians to build this country. The schools we open are the first form of education in the village, transforming thousands of lives: from having no access to education to becoming the next generation of educated Papuans who will make a difference in our country.

Our Work - Education 2


Teacher comes only a few days in a year to administer final exam. Students graduate but have no actual knowledge. Students and families thirst for empowering education but do not see the difference that formal education brings.


Teacher lives in the village and teach 5 days a week. Students graduate with competency equal to any national schools in Indonesia. Students and families loves going to school and are grateful for transformation it brings to their families.

Our Work - Education 3
Our Work - Health 1
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Health Care System
by Siloam Clinic

Education needs to walk hand in hand with health care. So we have partnered with Siloam Clinic to open pro bono clinics in our locations. The doctors and nurses at Siloam Clinics in Papua serve by educating the local people on hygiene and first aid, implementing immunization programs, treating hundreds of patients every day, giving them medicine, doing minor surgical procedures, and visiting nearby villages without access to healthcare. In most of these villages, these Siloam Clinics become the first and only health care available in the village.

Our Work - Health 2


No medical treatment available in the village. The closest clinic (puskesmas) can be reached with a 3 days walk. Often to find no one on duty in that clinic.


Medical care given by 1 full time doctor and 2 nursing students. Siloam Clinic set up in the village, accessible anytime by local villagers. Local Papuan living outside the village would walk for days to reach the Siloam Clinic.

Our Work - Health 3

Most Common Disease Treated at Siloam Clinic Daboto in 2016 includes Skin infcetion, Gastrointestinal infection, Respiratory tract infection, Eyes and ear infection, Malaria, Tuberculosis.

Our Work - Farming 1
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Agriculture and
Animal Farming

Malnutrition is a significant issue in interior Papua. Most local people live on minimal nutrition, mainly carbohydrates such as yams and cassava. We work on developing vegetable farms, chicken farms, and fish ponds so that students and their families can consume a more wholesome diet. We hope that this will eradicate malnutrition in interior Papua over time.

Our Work - Farming 2


Local people only consume yarn and cassava. Foods for sources for protein and fats such nuts and meats are extremely rare. Children looks small compared to their actual age. Children look small compared to their actual age. Children's hair are yellow and stomach are big, signs of malnourishment.


Chicken farm and fish ponds are developed, with hope that students will be able to consume these proteins on a regular basis. Children are better nourished, less often sick and more energetic in school.

Our Work - Farming 3
Our Work - Electricity 1
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Electricity by Solar panel
or Hydropower

Electricity has become an essential part of modern life, yet the state electricity company does not reach these villages. Without electricity as the source of lighting, heating, and power to operate electronics and cooking appliances, no activities can be performed in school and clinic past sunset. Therefore when we open a school and a clinic in a village, we also bring in solar panels or hydropower to provide basic electricity. Power also allows VSAT for an internet connection to operate, significantly improving productivity.

Our Work - Electricity 2


No activities can be performed in school and clinic past sunset. None of the medical equipments can work. No internet as the VSAT needs to be plugged to power source.


Children have extracurricular activities in school and clinic is accessible 24 hours. Teachers, doctors, and nurses can now stay in the village for longer terms as internet allows them to maintain communication to the outside world.

Our Work - Electricity 3
Our Work - Connectivity 1
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Internet Connection

None of the commercial broadband providers in Indonesia reach these villages in Papua's mountainous region. When we open schools and clinics in these villages and place full-time teachers, nurses, and teachers, we need to ensure connectivity to the outside world, so we bring in the VSAT(Very Small Aperture Terminal). Internet connection enables them to communicate with their families and the school head office, access teaching materials, consult for medical advice and manage logistics.

Our Work - Connectivity 2


None of the commercial broadband providers in Indonesia reach these villages in Papua's mountaneous regions. Medical staff cannot seek guidance and help because they cannot communicate with anyone outside the village.


First media installed a V-SAT in the village, allowing for internet connection in these villages. Medical staff can contact Siloam headquarters to report on emergency cases and arrange medivac.

Our Work - Connectivity 3

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